Spring Training Programme: extra courses

Further to our published Spring Training Programme and due to demand, we have added further dates for the ESA and PIP (Friday 18th May 18) and Universal Credit (Friday 8th June 18) training courses – see the document below for full details.

We have also commissioned Heather Collins, a specialist housing trainer with Shelter, to deliver two housing training courses, namely Homelessness, including the Homelessness Reduction Act 17 (Friday 13th July 18) and Identifying Housing Status and Possession Proceedings in Rented Housing (Friday 22nd June 18). These are notoriously complex areas and, in the case of the Homeless Reduction Act 17, are new provisions due to be implemented in April 18. Again, full details in the document.

All of the courses are designed to benefit generalist advice and support workers. We are happy to continue to host the training where there is sufficient demand so feel free to forward across your networks. Any queries should be directed to sarah.duffy@engageleeds.org.uk  or Carole.Denton@gipsil.org.uk in the first instance and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

GIPSIL additions to Spring 18 Training Programme