Employment & Advice

Whats On

Weekday Time Activity
Monday 10am - Noon

Bramley Community Hub
Hough Lane, Bramley LS13 3ND. Contact Cath 07388 227 843

Tuesday 1 - 3pm

Moresdale Lane One Stop Centre
90-95 Moresdale Lane, Seacroft, LS14 6GG Contact Brent 07388 227 832
Contact Brent 07388 227 832

  1 - 3pm

Ladybeck House, Ladybeck Close, LS2 7QX
Contact Wayne 07388 227 831

Wednesday 10am - Noon

New Wortley Community Centre
40 Tong Road, LS12 1LZ
Contact Cath 07388 227 843

  11am -1pm

1 Woodfield Court, Gipton, LS8 3NT
Contact Brent 07388 227 832

  2pm - 4pm

St. Georges One Stop Centre
St Georges Road, Middleton, LS10 4UZ
Contact Wayne 07388 227 831

Thursday 10am - Noon

Feel Good Café, The Old Fire Station, Gipton Approach, LS9 6NL
Contact Wayne 07388 227 831

Friday 2 - 3pm

Football Activity session
Contact Brent 07388 227 832

Opportunity Shops

As part of the Engage Leeds service, GIPSIL runs Opportunity Shops across the city. As well as traditional work club services – such as access to IT, internet and email, and assistance with CVs and job applications – Opportunity Shops give people access to opportunities which could move them closer to employment, such as volunteering, work experience and apprenticeships.
We also run training courses and classes which can provide crucial experience and qualifications, such as

  • First Aid
  • Safeguarding
  • Health and Safety
  • Get Into IT

People attending Opportunity Shops also have access to GIPSIL’s Advice Service (link to relevant section on previous page), offering support around housing and benefits: we aim to ensure that people entering employment, education and training are aware of the benefits they are entitled to, so that work always pays.

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Work Experience And Volunteering

We can provide access to a range of work experience and volunteering opportunities, both within GIPSIL and with local partners. Some examples of roles we have previously offered

  • Reception and administration duties
  • Care for the elderly
  • Hospitality
  • Warehousing
  • Parks and canals maintenance

Find out more about Volunteering within GIPSIL here

Property Maintenance and Construction

Through our social enterprise, Elevate, we can also offer volunteering and training opportunities in the property maintenance and construction industry.

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GIPSIL Advice Service

GIPSIL Advice Service provides free and independent advice and assistance to our target client groups, including by outreach to other services, such as Opportunity Shops and domestic violence peer support groups. The advice and assistance delivered by GIPSIL’s Advice Service principally relates to welfare benefits and housing issues and includes the diagnosis of problem issues; the provision of information and exploration of possible options; identification of further steps and provision of assistance, up to and including representation at appeal tribunal. We liaise with third party organisations, including Jobcentre Plus and Leeds City Council, on behalf of our service users and the service is always flexible to client need.

GIPSIL Advice Service is accredited to the Advice Services’ Alliance, Advice Quality Standard and we are members of Advice UK; Child Poverty Action Group and the National Association of Welfare Rights Advisers. We facilitate the bimonthly, regional Welfare Rights Group meetings as well as the Leeds based Jobcentre Plus Liaison Meetings. We facilitate a benefits training programme which is open to all, promoting the up-skilling of other professionals in the notoriously complex area of welfare rights.

GIPSIL Advice Service is committed to raising social policy issues, understanding that we work with some of the most vulnerable and disenfranchised people in the city who have been impacted most severely through recent welfare reform and austerity. We regularly contribute to Select Committee Consultations and are frequently approached to participate in projects undertaken by University Researchers working in social policy.