Construction & Enterprise

We have two social enterprise subsidiaries working in the construction sector with the combined objective to realise the potential of minor and major construction works to create jobs, apprenticeships and training for individuals who are furthest from the labour market.


CHY is a social enterprise that measures, delivers and generates social value in the built environment. We work alongside construction and housing businesses, their supply chains, their clients and their communities to meet housing needs and create better jobs, more apprenticeships, relevant training and work for local businesses. We achieve this by working in three ways:


  • We influence planning and procurement policies to include informed and appropriate employment & skills and supply chain obligations through Social KPIs
  • We raise awareness of social value and influence the construction industry and its stakeholders to adopt a culture of responsible business.


  • We provide a link between local construction developments and the communities they work in. Working with Partners from the local Public and Third Sector to deliver, monitor and measure Social KPIs and the outcomes they produce


  • We provide expert advice and guidance on Social Value to public sector bodies, businesses, organisations and groups working in and around the construction industry to assist them to create new opportunities for their business and develop new skills within their existing and future workforce.


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Renovate, Innovate, Educate.

Elevate is a construction social enterprise that was established by GIPSIL in 2012 to oversee the renovation of local empty properties.  Elevate has evolved into an organisation that can offer expert services to partner organisations, from management to renovation and maintenance works.  We carry out three areas of work:

Renovation (Empty Homes)

Renovating long term empty properties, many of which are dilapidated, using sustainably sourced, local materials with the help of local employees, local contractors, local suppliers, local volunteers and GIPSIL Service Users.

Facilities Management & Property Maintenance

Providing a fully managed service to efficiently manage our clients’ facilities – prolonging the life of the building & the buildings equipment along with ensuring that the building is maintained in accordance with statutory obligations and good practice. Elevate designs a tailored package in partnership with the owner and/or occupier, ranging from a fully managed service to one off reactive visits. Elevate has a team of multi-skilled trades’ people carrying out cyclical maintenance and day-to-day repairs.

Project Management

Managing construction & renovation projects efficiently – from concept to completion – to ensure that the best possible financial and social value is achieved. We have an expert team that will deliver your project successfully.


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