GIPSIL reaccredited by Investors In People

GIPSIL has been reaccredited by Investors In People until 2021, with all nine indicators met at Developed level.

The assessor – Jeff Law – met with over 30 GIPSIL colleagues in August, and he reported:

“The commitment and drive in living the values with integrated team working is excellent and reflected by everyone I talked to. People are all clear of their roles and responsibilities and accountabilities, with very good supervision and appraisal of performance. The commitment to continuously improve is strong and reflected particularly through the SRG and people believe it is a good organisation and place to work with a high level of job satisfaction.

“There are areas to improve on and are in the process of being addressed including with regard to reward and recognition, co-ordination of learning and development and managing resources to meet people’s personal learning and development needs and career progression and more effective induction. Improved management behaviours are needed in some areas to support people’s needs and in reviewing performance and in making people feel valued and in taking time to talk to staff and help alleviate the pressure and stress of high workloads. Continue to do all the things you do so well and build and develop and to continuously improve this with your team.”