GIPSIL APPEAL (Winter Fuel Payments)

GIPSIL is launching it’s annual appeal to ask people who receive the Government’s Winter Fuel Payment, and who may not need it themselves, to consider donating it to us, for us to distribute to the young people we work with.

If you, or someone you know, are able to donate your Winter Fuel Payment (or part of it) this year, we would be immensely grateful (see below for how we spent your money last year).

Please send a cheque marked for the attention of Emma Leigh and made payable to ‘GIPSIL Limited’ to GIPSIL Leaving Care Service, Archway, 95 Roundhay Road, Leeds, LS8 5AQ.  If you would prefer to pay by BACS, our account number is 10093658, Sort Code 16-34-80.  Please use ‘Winter Fuel’ followed by your surname as the reference (e.g. ‘Winter Fuel Smith’).  Please let Emma know if you make a BACS payment so she can ensure your donation has been received.  If you would like further information, you can contact Emma at or tel. 0113 391 8005.

Winter Fuel Summary Report for November 2017 – November 2018

Last year we were overwhelmed by the generosity shown. An amazing amount of money was donated and it has been successfully used to improve the lives of the young people we support. Many of our young people are struggling financially as a result of a low income of benefits or wages. This, coupled with the rising cost of living, lack of employment opportunities, and the high cost of fuel means this money is vital to support young people through financial crisis. This report summarises the donations we received last year, and how the money was used.

  • Total donations: £1,500 from different donors. Thank you to everyone who donated!!!!
  • Money was distributed between December 2017 and November 2018, by 50 different support workers, to 105 different young people.
  • Around £650 was spent on gas and £490 on electricity. £87 was spent on food and household items to support young people in very difficult circumstances. In all cases money was spent with the young person, to ensure it was spent as intended. The remaining balance is still being used on an almost daily basis.
  • Most young people were given between £10 and £20. Some were given more, for specific or repeat need.
  • Of the 105 young people given money, 50 were supported by the Gipsil Leaving Care Service, 55 were supported by the Gipsil Flagship and Archway services. 25 of the young people were parents with young children.
  • Some of the specific circumstances of young people supported, including those receiving higher amounts of money, included:
    • Quickly moving into a new property after fleeing an abusive partner;
    • Service user with a young baby living in a flat that was particularly cold and difficult to heat;
    • Delay in receiving benefits payments;
    • Low, incorrect, benefit payment (Universal Credit);
    • Extreme poor mental health;
    • Financial exploitation by a partner.

Thank you again – GIPSIL and the young people we work with, are incredibly grateful for the benevolence of people who donate their Winter Fuel Payment to us.